"Embracing the Positive in a World of Negativism"



At Mastering the Positive, we know that continuous, long-term negative stimulus is not only extremely unhealthy for the workplace, but it is the number one killer of businesses, communities and personal relationships with friends, family and co-workers. Future generations also suffer when negativity is not prevented and stopped. The barrage of negativity we are increasingly exposed too from television, radio, and social media, makes more of an impact than we would imagine. Negative information too often takes the form of rumors, gossip, lies, speculation, politics, unconfirmed reports, and even misunderstandings. When this form of information mixes with perceived negative actions in our workplace, school, or home, unpredictable reactions ensue. Unexplained anxiety and tension build(s) while leadership, managers and members of the workforce struggle to understand ) what disrupting productivity. The organization eventually fails internally because of unforeseen conditions created by workplace stress, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, violence and lack of motivation.

To counteract these unforeseen circumstances, you must enlist successful measures available at Mastering The Positive, LLC. We provide the highest-quality, positive messaging training available today, through the use of proven Soft Skills Education & Training methods.

M+ realizes that leadership must be knowledgeable of more than the business aspect of their organization, because employment and opportunity are cornerstones of the American experience. Each day American homes, schools, and business, are flooded with negativity! The streets, airways, internet, and radio transmit images, songs, and sounds of hate, despair, corruption, abuse, gossip, rumors, and crime. Images, songs, and sounds form the "negative trilogy" masquerading in the form of news and entertainment. This trilogy slowly eats away at our senses, emotions, and thoughts, covertly changing and damaging our behavior. All things can be deeply affected by negative input. Negativity will create insecurity in your workplace if you are not actively taking steps to prevent it. Insecurity breeds distrust, suspicion, and deception. It will hamper efficiency, effectiveness and discipline. Too often your leadership may mistake negativity for disorganization, which will lead to your production, creativity, innovation, ingenuity, and even leadership success becoming stifled. It is imperative that negativity is quickly and efficiently dealt with.

M+ is currently the sole organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of negativity in the workplace. We teach individuals to change their perception and outlook on life, and to see the positive aspects of their environment. A combined Soft Skill curriculum with inspirational and motivational techniques will engage individuals in learning about themselves, their environment, and life. M+ also makes use of community and/or organizational in-house role models to present positive beacons of light to the workforce, school, or businesses we support.


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