"Embracing the Positive in a World of Negativism"


While other similar companies may not have a problem in offering cookie-cutter services to their clients, Mastering The Positive (M+) does not believe in this approach. Every company is unique and deserves tailored services for their specific needs. M+ values its great reputation and we work hard to keep it.

Some of the training sessions may include:


These activities provide energizers and other workshop activities to heighten the effectiveness of the sessions and the overall needs of the participants. Icebreakers may be used to introduce or reinforce lesson topics, enhance teamwork, and create an interesting and fun learning environment.


Activities and exercises are extremely useful when customizing workshops for specific groups and maintaining the workshop time line.


Presentations compliment the instructor-led sessions and provide the summary of education and training concept. Flip chart notes are used interchangeably during the session for alternate learning methods.


Quick Reference Sheets can be teaching powerful tools as well as an excellent take-away from any session. They can also be used as a stand-alone desktop reference tool.


A Certificate of Completion provides public acknowledgement of the effort and expense invested by participants in the completion of the education and training session. These can be displayed in the workplace and can be used to provide referrals for future training engagements.


In order for Mastering the Positive to meet its goal to encourage positive attitudes, attributes, and behaviors, AND to refresh and invigorate each individual’s perspective with positive ideas, thoughts, and images, the following imperatives will always be the central focus. M+ is happy to offer a tailor-made session from one to 5 days, depending upon your requirements. M+ guarantees:

  • No boring sessions
  • 100% participation
  • Email Marketing
  • Learning and fun

*Leadership must agree to:

The Non-attribution Policy allows participants to express themselves without fear of retribution or retaliation by management. This policy and agreement helps the facilitator reach all objectives set by the sponsoring organization


Flexible Programs

We Exceed Your Requirements & Expectations!

Based upon the current training requirements of your staff and/or employees, we customize our schedule and agenda in whatever way will best accomplish the needs of your company.


Customizable Programs

Special Programs Are No Problem!

Don't miss the mark with standard service providers! Let "Mastering The Positive" provide the perfect solution!


Confidential Programs

Your Confidential Specialists!

Our clients have come to know and trust in our services due to our level of knowledge, effectiveness, and especially our policies regarding 100% confidentiality being our number one priority.