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"Embracing the Positive in a World of Negativism"


"In the buildup, execution, and aftermath of the Presidential elections, polarization of American views and opinions have reached epic levels. In addition, the 24-hour news cycle and social media commentary is stirring the polarization to toxic proportions. No one is immune to hearing or seeing the negative stimuli each day. The effects of the polarization are spilling over into the workplace affecting civility, communication, and behavior. Good business leaders are seeing the relationship of their employees affected as well as with their customers. But good business leaders also know that they can resolve the issues of polarization by sound Soft Skills* education and training. The demand is at an all-time high. The solution is clear - one can steer their organizations through the storm with preemptive Soft Skills* education and training now, or face productivity slowdowns, workplace dysfunction, and or possible violent episodes in the workplace due to the toxicity of polarization. Be the leader! Be preemptive and call or email Mastering the Positive today for a discussion and quote to meet your needs."

* Soft Skills are attributes that enable a person to interact effectively and harmoniously with others. These skills act like a lubricant that ensures civility and respect are maintained within the work environment for the accomplishment of all tasks and missions.

Consider the wide array of classes Mastering the Positive has to offer. Open the "Courses Tab" and select any listed course to see the content of each class which is tailorable from one to five days in length. Today's high demand classes include Communication Strategies; 10 Soft Skills You Need; Managing Workplace Anxiety; and Civility In The Workplace.


Flexible Programs

We Exceed Your Requirements & Expectations!

Based upon the current training requirements of your staff and/or employees, we customize our schedule and agenda in whatever way will best accomplish the needs of your company.


Customizable Programs

Special Programs Are No Problem!

Don't miss the mark with standard service providers! Let "Mastering The Positive" provide the perfect solution!


Confidential Programs

Your Confidential Specialists!

Our clients have come to know and trust in our services due to our level of knowledge, effectiveness, and especially our policies regarding 100% confidentiality being our number one priority.

A Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Service

Mastering the Positive, LLC (M+) is a veteran-owned consultation, education and training company, specializing in Soft Skills education and training. The Soft Skills are mixed with inspirational/motivational speaking techniques, tactics, and methodologies. This combination refreshes and invigorates your leadership, staff, employees, volunteers, and students with positive ideas, thoughts, and images. Our goal is to help increase productivity, refresh the work environment, and enhance individual's greater self-awareness of their capabilities, personal fulfillment, self-responsibility, and accountability. Our long-term objective is to establish a Peaceful, Ethical, and Civil Education (PEACE) Institute; an institution dedicated to the study of peace and methodologies for preventing war, crime, and conflict.

Mastering the Positive (M+) operates from the Chesapeake, Virginia area. Chesapeake is part of the greater Hampton Roads community, offers a rich academic, business, and military environment from which unlimited supporting resources are available.

D.U.N.S: 079245947
Verified & Registered as: SDVOSB, SWaM, eVA, and SAM
SIC Codes: 8741, 8742
NIGP Codes: 091800, 91838, 91875, 91826
NAIC Codes: 541611, 541612, 541618, 611430, 611710
Cage Code: 71X24